Green Sand - Pre Mixed 5kg (Casting Sand - Metal Casting)

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Green Sand - Pre Mixed 5kg
I have been doing metal casting as a hobby for about 15years using 'Petrobond Sand'.
During that time I have tried to find a supplier who would sell small quantities of 'Green Sand' that is water based.
Didn't find one so have bought a pallet of sand and a pallet of Bentonite to mix my own.
Turns out there are a few other people who wanted some too.
I have made a few version of the pre-mixed green sand and this latest version is based on all the feed back I have received from other backyard and hobby casters.
This is designed to give you a batch of green sand to start casting straight away.
You get 4.75kg of green sand that is pre mixed that can be used straight away. This has been checked with a 'LUTRON' Moisture Meter PMS714 to make sure it is at a safe water content.
The Pre Mixed Green Sand gives a benchmark to compare with when you mix your own sand.
What is in the Starter Kit
  • 4.75kg Pre mixed 'Green Sand' ready to use. The ratio by volume is 10:1 (10 parts Sand : 1 part Bentonite & Water has been added to approx 8%)
  • 0.2kg Trubond Premium Quality Bentonite

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