Green Sand Starter Kit - Pre Mixed 25kg (Casting Sand - Metal Casting)

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Green Sand Starter Kit - Pre Mixed 25kg
I have been doing metal casting as a hobby for about 20years using 'Petrobond Sand'.
During that time I have tried to find a supplier who would sell small quantities of 'Green Sand' that is water based.
Didn't find one so have bought a pallet of sand and a pallet of Bentonite to mix my own.
Turns out there are a few other people who wanted some too.
I have made a few version of the pre-mixed green sand and this latest version is based on all the feed back I have received from other backyard and hobby casters.
The kit is designed to give you all the materials you need to start casting straight away and also to learn how to mixing your own premium green sand.
You get 9.2kg of green sand that is pre mixed that can be used straight away. This has been checked with a 'LUTRON' Moisture Meter PMS714 to make sure it is at a safe water content.
The Pre Mixed Green Sand gives a benchmark to compare with when you mix your own sand.
There is 12.0kg of premium quality foundry sand and 2.0kg of bentonite for you to use to mix your own sand.
I recommend dividing it into 2 or 3 batches so you can try mixing up a few different times.
Also if you want to source local sand yourself put small amount of this aside and use a sample to compare local sands.
The two plastic buckets are great to store the sand and stop it from drying out.
I will send more detailed information to you about mixing the sand with your purchase.
What is in the Starter Kit
  • 9.2kg Pre mixed 'Green Sand' ready to use. The ratio by volume is 10:1 (10 parts Sand : 1 part Bentonite & Water has been added to approx. 8%)
  • 12.0kg Premium Quality Foundry Sand (Grade 45N)
  • 2.0kg Premium Quality Bentonite (Trubond)
  • 0.25kg Calcium Carbonate (Parting Powder)
  • 0.15kg Graphite Powder Carbonate (Parting Powder)
  • 1.2kg Quantity of 2 - Plastic buckets with lids & handles.
This kit has been design so the total weight is 25kg which is the maximum that can be sent using the Courier Service.
Which gives the best value for price of the freight.

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