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Redemption of your Gift certificate.

For redemption online, simply visit and go shopping for your favorite products. During Checkout you will simply enter your unique Coupon Code provided.

Important Notes:

  • Keep your Coupon Code in a safe place, as this is required for redemption of your Gift Certificate.
  • Keep your Coupon Code a secret until you redeem your Gift Certificate.
  • For online, your Coupon Code redemption includes delivery costs in your total.
  • Only one (1) Gift Certificate per Coupon Code can be redeemable.
  • Gift Certificates are non-refundable.
  • Prices eventually change so we ask that you spend your Gift Certificate withing 12 months of purchase
  • Gift Certificates cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Your Coupon Code is only valid for one (1) single transaction only. HINT! spend over the dollar amount of your Gift Certificate to ge the full benefit of the Gift Certificate in one transaction.

What if I have money left over on my Gift Certificate after my initial purchase?

Don't worry! simply send us a message and provide the details of your original Gift Certifcate order No & Coupon Code and we will happily provide you with another Coupon Code to the value of your remaining credit on your Gift Certificate.


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Gift value $20 Gift certificate

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Delivery weight: 25 kg
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