COVERAL GR2532 Aluminium Drossing/Covering Flux-1kg

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COVERAL GR2532 Aluminium Drossing/Covering Flux-1kg

Application: place COVERAL GR 2532 is spread over the melt surface after melting is complete. The flux must be stirred vigorously with the dross on the melt surface using a preheated perforated ladle until a dry dross is achieved. Once reaction is over the dross should be carefully removed using an appropriate skimming tool. 
Addition rate: 0.05 - 0.1 % of the metal weight depending on application type and foundry conditions.
Technical Data: Granulated flux Suitable for all types of Aluminium alloys with the exception of AlMg alloys Application temperature: 670 °C and higher 
Storage: Air tight container

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